4TH of July

The fourth of July is something to celebrate with family friend and community, but remember it wouldn’t be the same without our veterans and those serving this very minute.

Feeling Stupid With Common Core

My son came home from school feeling like he was stupid! The CC had him up late every night doing homework that none of us really grasped until several calls … Continue Reading →

Worm Castings and Early Spring Garden

Worm castings are not the highest on the priority list for most people, but should they be? I have never been so impressed with a compost/fertilizer in all of my … Continue Reading →

The Education Animal

Ed Animal CoverPreface The Education Animal is the culmination of stories, life’s events happenings, and opinions that has made this Infantry Sergeant, educator, father, and husband what I am today. … Continue Reading →

Investing in the Family

Welcome to the “Investing in the Family” Blog site. We are excited to get started on this new adventure.  We have learned that sharing information among parents, neighbors, and friends … Continue Reading →